Privacy Basics

This is a snapshot of how FlinkBox Ltd treats personal information and data. FOR FULL DETAILS READ OUR FULL PRIVACY POLICY.


  1. If you create

You own the data in your account.


Your surveys/forms/applications/questionnaires and any responses you collect to them are private by default (except if you have made them available via a public link). We don’t sell individual responses to anyone and we don’t use those responses for purposes unrelated to you or improving our services, except in the limited set of circumstances outlined in the privacy policy. Some uses we do make of respondent related data includes, for example, in our survey tool aggregating usage trends around Respondents (types of questions answered and success of specific survey and question types over time) – this is done so we can make more accurate recommendations to you around the use of our services.


We safeguard respondent email addresses.


To make it easier for you to invite people to take surveys and questionnaires or fill out forms and applications via email. We don’t sell these email addresses and we use them only as directed by you and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The same goes for any email addresses collected in your account.


We employ best practice security.


  1. If you respond

The Creators who create and administer surveys, forms, applications, and questionnaires own and control your responses.

We just host surveys, forms, applications, and questionnaires on our websites and collect your responses for Creators. If you have any questions about a survey you took or a questionnaire, form or application you completed, please contact the Creator directly. FlinkBox Ltd is not usually responsible for that content. The Creator is usually the same person who invited you to take the survey or questionnaire or complete the form or application and they should have their own Privacy Policy.


We do control use and analyze usage data about you (for example, looking at page view data, response rates, and survey type):

to make our recommendations around surveys or service included on our website at the end of a survey taking experience more relevant, to improve the user interface, to maintain a consistent and reliable user experience, and to improve services by looking at what questions Creators are asking and the quality of their responses and response rates so that we can work on our existing features and build new ones to optimize question/answer rates for Creators.


  1. If you are a FlinkBox Ltd panelist

If you are a Panelist - you have signed up to take surveys relevant to you, as sent to you by FlinkBox Ltd or a FlinkBox Ltd customer. FlinkBox Ltd only allows people who sign up to FlinkBox Ltd’s app. We do not sell your profile data to marketing firms! While we do provide some of your profile data to our customers who wish to deploy surveys, we do not sell it to marketing companies – we just allow our customers to send you surveys based on your profile suitability.


We do use and analyze usage data (page view data, response rates, and metrics) to help ensure the surveys you are sent are more relevant to you, to improve the user interface and our services, to maintain a consistent and reliable user experience and to build new features. We use profile data to help us to improve the quality of our panel.


Responses you give.


We use responses you give to provide our other customers with more ways to reach the target demographic they want (e.g. by aggregating the data and identifying trends in survey taking). However, we do not give or sell your actual individual responses to anyone other than the customer that has sent you a survey. The data we provide to our other customers and third parties is aggregated and anonymous. Similarly, if you take one of FlinkBox Ltd’s own in-house surveys we aggregate and anonymize any response data we share with or sell to third parties.


  1. If you are visiting

Cookies – we use cookies, web beacons and pixels. These are small files which are placed on the device you are using to browse our website. They perform various tasks. Some of them are purely to ensure the proper functioning of our site. Other cookies are used by us to track the interaction of visitors to our site so that we optimize measure the success of our online marketing campaigns and partnerships. We ask for your permission to use the later type of cookies and, if you give us that permission in our cookie statement, you can also always withdraw that permission at any time using your browser settings.